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iTraceiT allows any company to take advantage of its technology by using QR Codes to access a secure space that can contain documents, specific information in the form of personalized fields and have valuable statistics on access and their geolocation.

For example, an iTraceiT QR Code placed on a rental property (a photocopier for example), scanned by the iTraceiT mobile application, could display information concerning its owner, its information as a product (product number , serial number), its maintenance information (guaranteed duration, support telephone number, etc.), its operating documents (user manual, assistance, maintenance ..) or any other useful information.

Access to information can be protected by password, by iTraceiT authentication, but also according to a level of security specific to the user. This way the owner of the property could have access to more secure information like the financials of the property (invoices, slips, etc.) than its other users. It is also possible to replace QR Codes with NFC radio chips.

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