Rooted in the diamond industry, iTraceiT has independently developed traceability software, supporting diamond and jewelry companies that wish to commit to ambitious transparency and sustainability goals.


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Our solution allows diamonds of any size, color, and clarity to be tracked and traced back to their original country of origin.

The diamond and jewelry industry has by nature a complex and global supply chain with many companies adding value at different steps of the journey of each diamond to the end consumer. Our solution can benefit each stage of the diamond pipeline, from rough producer to rough trader, tender house, manufacturer, polished trader, or retailer.

Want to give your clients insight into the provenance of the product they purchase from you?

Want to go above and beyond by adding additional supporting documentation, pictures, videos, and promotional material?

You can !

iTraceiT provides your customers with the tools and information they need to tell the beautiful story of each diamond, gemstone, or jewelry material.

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