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Add your logo to the traceability report

Make your traceability report stand out by adding a personal touch! Upload your company logo and customize the report to fit your brand.

1. Navigate to the Settings and click on the “Domain Settings” tab

2.  Click on “Traceability report sub-tab

3. Follow the instructions to replace iTraceiT logo by yours on the traceability report

Note: Allowed file types: jpg, jpeg, png
Maximum file size: 4Mb

Invite your contact (s) to join the iTraceiT

Unlock the power of seamless collaboration! Extend invitations to your suppliers, retailers, partners, and other key contacts, granting them access to explore your traceability information. Best of all, registration comes at absolutely no cost to them !

1. Navigate to the “Tools” tab and click on “Invite Contact ” option

2. Before sending invitations, it is important to read and accept the validations. Please ensure that you have completed this step.

3. Enter multiple email addresses separated by commas or upload a CSV file and submit.

4. You have two options to send the invitation : 

4.1 Copy the invitation link and simply send it via email/WhatsApp 

4.2 Send the invitation by email by clicking the “Send via email” button. (Pre-made templates message are available in case you want to add a custom message)


Print Single Qr Code

Empower your customization experience with the flexibility to tailor and print a single QR code whenever it suits you

1. Navigate to “My Assets” tab

2. Next, click on the “Single items” sub-tab

3. Choose the specific parcel you wish to print

4. In the top-right corner, click “Download parcels” and select “PDF” as the preferred option

5. Under the template settings, opt for “single sticker” and review advanced settings such as height, margins, etc

6. Finally, print your QR code

Same steps if you intend to print group QR code

Group QR Code

Unlock a powerful tool !
Easily bring together many QR codes and send them all at once to the blockchain, making your operations run smoother and more efficiently.

There are two locations to make a group code. There’s an option in the home page and another on “My assets → groups” section

1. Begin by selecting “Create group” from the homepage

2. Provide a name for the group QR

3. Add parcels to the group by either using the “search parcel” button or scanning QR codes manually with the QR Scanner

4. Once you have added the desired parcels, click “save” to finalize the group creation

Your group has now been created. You can proceed to export the QR codes grouped on the Blockchain or choose to end the process at this point


Link Multiple Documents to QR Codes Instantly

Effortlessly assign one or multiple documents to one or more QR codes at the same time, revolutionizing the way you manage information


1. To get started, click on “Tools” then on  “Manage Media” sub-tab

2. Upload your documents by either dragging and dropping them or selecting files using the “select file” option

4. Once your documents are uploaded, click on the “continue” button

5. Assign a category to each document

6. Click “continue” to proceed

7. Next, link the documents to parcels by using the “search parcel” button or scanning QR codes manually with the QR Scanner

8. Finally, click on “proceed”

Your documents will now be successfully imported and associated with the parcels



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