Add your logo to the traceability report

Make your traceability report stand out by adding a personal touch! Upload your company logo and customize the report to fit your brand.

  1. Navigate to the Settings
  2. Click on the « Domain Settings » tab.
  3. Upload your logo

Note: Allowed file types: jpg, jpeg, png

Maximum file size: 4Mb

Invite your contact (s) to join the iTraceiT

You can invite your friend or partner to join iTraceiT by sending an invitation. 

  1. Click on the « Tools ».
  2. Navigate to « Invite Contact ».
  3. Before sending invitations, it is important to read and accept the validations. Please ensure that you have completed this step.
  4. Enter multiple email addresses separated by commas or upload a CSV file and submit.
  5. You can copy the invitation link and send it or simply send it via email by clicking the « Send via email » button. (You can either choose from pre-made templates or create your own custom message.)



Print Single Qr Code

Now you can print single qr code for parcels or groups.

  1. go-to My assets → single items or My assets → groups (if you want to print all parcels in the group as single stickers)
  2. select qr s that you want to print, then click download parcels → download PDF (if you download groups just directly click on download button)
  3. select “single sticker” from template panel
  4. do necessary changes in advanced section if needed.
  5. click download button

Create a group code

Groups are made by collection of parcels

  1. there’s two method to make a group code
  2. there’s option in the home page and another on “My assets → groups” section
  3. click on Create group.
  4. then define a name.
  5. Select parcels to add by search parcel button or manually entering them with input box.


  1. then create button to save the group.

Manage Media

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