Executive Team

Frederik Degryse has over 11 years of experience in the diamond industry. He currently serves as Chief Executive Officer of iTraceiT, a technology company that specializes in providing traceability solutions for the diamond and jewelry industry.

After completing his Advanced Master Degree in Management at Antwerp Management School, Frederik Degryse started his career as Project Officer at Antwerp World Diamond Centre, where he was responsible for facilitating “Project 2020”, the strategic repositioning of the Antwerp diamond sector.

After completing this project, Frederik became a Director at Dominion Diamond Corporation, the world’s third largest diamond producer. At Dominion, he was responsible for the company’s Canadamark program which focuses on Canadian diamond traceability. He was also responsible for facilitating Dominion’s rough sales.

Before joining iTraceiT, Frederik worked at UNI as the company’s President of European Operations. During this time, he was responsible for all European sales and diamond procurement on the trading platform.

Guy De Smet has over 20 years of IT experience, acting as CEO and CTO for multiple IT companies. He currently serves as Chief technology officer (CTO) and co-founder of iTraceiT

Having been a Data Analyst, Project and Program Manager for major institutions and companies like European Commission (DG Trade), Guy has extensive experience in infrastructure management with public-oriented telemetry & tele control projects, embedded systems, real-time visualization, multi-dimensional databases and data warehousing, rapid & extreme application development methodologies,  service-oriented architectures, SaaS,  custom ERP and high-end billing systems (XPertBilling), and ticketing systems.

Guy holds a Master Degree in Computer Science and is also Managing Director at IT Place.com.

Shavit has over 16 years of experience in the sales and marketing of new products in the diamond and jewelry industry. She began her journey in the diamonds industry, in 2003, at Rapaport Belgium and helped to spread Rapnet software in Europe. Shavit worked as the Business Development Manager of Gemlab and Malca Amit Express Europe. Her international network and excellent customer care awareness will be used to build trust and transparency in iTraceiT.

Others Shareholders

Pierre De Bosscher has over 40 years of executive experience in the diamond industry. He acted as the CEO and Chairman of the Antwerp Diamond Bank and now serves as the European Director of Delgatto Diamond Finance Fund (DDFF).

Katia Masnada has over 30 years of diamond industry experience. She is the Managing Director at Masnada Diamant Joaillerie.

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