Derek Palmer

Derek Palmer


“We have always been committed to providing ethically-sourced diamonds to our customers and iTraceiT has made it easy for us to show that the diamonds we sell are conflict-free and obtained in a responsible manner. We are happy to work with an independently owned technology that offers a solution for all diamonds, regardless of size and quality.”

Eyal Atzmon


As a pioneer of traceability, EL-RAN Diamonds recognizes the importance of continuing traceability of loose diamonds into jewelry pieces. CEO Eyal Atzmon believes that blockchain integration, like that provided by iTraceiT, is a logical next step in achieving direct transparency and supply chain integrity for customers. EL-RAN is proud to collaborate with iTraceiT to develop a unique method to track melee and smaller-sized stones from rough diamond origin to polished diamond delivery in a unified and secure platform. With iTraceiT’s user-friendly platform, every company can deliver a traceability report with every diamond delivery with ease. iTraceiT with our internal Tracability process helped us achieve the highest rate in the Mazars audit on tracability.

Videsh Verkriya


We have always made sure that our clients get the Pure Transparency, in that case iTraceiT provides us with a great solution. It also helps us to give more Trust to our customers through traceability and ethical sourcing. We think this is the future of the Diamond Industry.

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