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A product traceability solution made in Belgium

iTraceiT is an independent, third-party company specialized in traceability solutions. Since 2017, we have been researching the diamond and jewelry industry to provide the sector with a robust, easy-to-use and highly secure traceability solution that will ensure absolute transparency in all stages of its supply chain

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In addition to our effort in the luxury sector, we extend our solutions to help companies of other sectors meet their traceability needs. You can tell the story of any products, from raw and process materials through logistics, work or/and medical equipment (wheelchairs, blood bags, computers …)

A problem worth solving

Supply chain integrity and sustainability are becoming increasingly important across all global industries, especially for the luxury industry. A large portion of consumers no longer want to purchase products that carry the risk of questionable sourcing. iTraceiT has developed a secure and workable technology compatible with all businesses that traces every step of the production process, reaffirming to consumers that their precious purchase is a safe and reliable investment.

Industries we currently service

Rough diamonds
Polished diamonds
High fashion

Credibility and Authenticity

A traceability story is only as strong as the quality of the data entered at all steps of the supply chain. Our solution uses a mix of state-of-the-art technologies, including blockchain and artificial intelligence, to ensure the validity and authenticity of the information that is captured and passed on to each stage.

A flexible solution

We believe that traceability should not be a burden on your operation, so we built our solution in a way that minimizes any time or effort required. iTraceiT can actually increase efficiency as the automatic collection of data and timestamps allows for thorough management and oversight of production processes and even services.

Our solution is available in web and mobile versions and can be integrated into any software.

Embracing responsible business

Supply chain integrity goes well beyond provenance. Consumers today want to know the country of origin of their purchase and know that it has traveled through an ethical supply chain. Transparency builds credibility, and in turn, loyalty. 


iTraceiT provides you with the tool to tell the beautiful story of your product. Pass on any information you like to your customers through a safe and secure platform.

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