Sustainable business from source to finger?

Trace diamonds Treasure transparency

iTraceiT offers digital tools to provide provenance for all stakeholders.

Today, sustainability is key. Meet rising diamond industry standards as well as consumers’ environmental and ethical concerns. iTraceiT enables you to collect and secure detailed and rated data for traceable diamonds and transparent business.

1 secure platform to authenticate the complete, worldwide supply chain

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Our technology is affordable, cooperative and secure. Experience and test it.

  • independent third party
  • industry-wide solution
  • any size stone or material
  • easy to integrate with other software
  • for computer and mobile platforms
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Collect supportive data

Document everything in real time, but share only what you want. Every parcel or product is assigned a unique QR code. Scan this code to add or access any possible type of information. The software also allows you to split and merge parcels in absolute traceability.

  • geolocation
  • certificates
  • time-stamp
  • pictures
  • author identity
  • waybills
  • invoices
  • custom fields


Secure data

We set up a separate database for every client. Manage your company’s data from the user-friendly back office. The information in the cloud is shielded with personal access codes. All data on our servers is encrypted and all shareable information is safely logged by blockchain technology.


Rate data

Our in-house developed AI assesses the relevance of the provided data and documents. This live rating reassures consumers and incentivises companies to maximally embrace transparency; from “This diamond is authentic” to “This watch is truly precious”. With clarity comes credibility and, eventually, loyalty.